Hand-Knitted St. Benedict’s Rosary with Enameled Cross and Benedictine Medallion


Hand-knitted St. Benedict’s rosary with enameled cross and double-sided Benedictine medallion. Made in Italy with 9mm beads.

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This St. Benedict’s rosary is a beautiful and unique piece, perfect for any Catholic looking to deepen their faith. The rosary is hand-knitted by sisters, making it a truly special item. It features an enameled cross and 59 double-sided St. Benedict Alloy bead. The 9mm bead size is perfect for praying and the rosary is made in Italy, ensuring its high quality. This rosary is not only a beautiful piece but also a powerful tool for prayer and spiritual protection.Complimentary a complimentary gift box and card . The gift box is elegantly designed and comes with a matching card, perfect for adding a personal touch to your gift-giving experience. Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful and beautiful gift box and card that will make them feel special.



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