Christ Merciful


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If we don’t have your order available for immediate delivery, it takes approximately 301 months to complete any order.This category is extraordinary, not just due to the high-grade materials utilized by our artisans and sculptors, but also due to the exquisite finishes they achieve. All sculptures are hand-carved and hand-painted on premium quality wood, undergoing numerous procedures that enhance their lifespan.Our lab, with over half a century’s experience and dedication, delivers stunning pieces of art. These handmade works of art, produced with the expertise of prominent sculptors, carvers, painters, and artists, truly represent the finest that Portugal has to offer.We owe what we are to you, your refined taste, and your aspiration to transform the mundane into something more captivating and thrilling, a longing for an eternity, a desire that brings you closer to Heaven.


40 CM, 50 CM, 60 CM, 80 CM, 90 CM, 105 CM, 120 CM, 130 CM, 140 CM, 150 CM, 160 CM, 180 CM, 200 CM


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